On the subject of writing…

Or perhaps, more accurately, the reason why I have been posting so sporadically recently.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of thinking lately, admittedly a dangerous venture, but nonetheless, there have been certain thoughts circling my head that, at this point, have to be put to paper or else the ball will never get back to rolling.

You see, I’ve been in a bit of a reading rut ever since my vacation at the end of July.  It seems like I’ll come home with eight or nine books from the library, pick up each one in succession and put all, but maybe one or two, back down five pages later.  These can be world renowned books that literally everyone else loved, but there will be some tiny feature of the writing that makes it impossible for me to truly sink into it.  Even the one book out of the stack that I do read isn’t necessarily enjoyed.  It’s just the least egregiously awful out of the bunch.  Again, I know that that’s awful to me and probably not to anyone else.

Which leads me to why you’ve heard so little from me in the last month or three…I want to provide you guys with reviews that are worth reading.  If I review all of these books that I’m feeling so ambivalent towards, it would make for the most boring blog in the universe.  There would be a lot of hemming and hawing and in the end, everything would get a 2.5 or maybe a 3 and you would shrug your shoulders and move on with your life, which is as it should be.  This is why I’m sending out this tiny warning into the ether, so that you know that unless I feel that I have something worthwhile to say about a book, it’s not going to show up here.  If you want to see the laundry list of books that have been started and set aside, feel free to check my Goodreads page.

The good news is that the release calendar for September is filled with awesomeness.  Oh, how there will be things to say!  Not to mention the fact that fall is finally here, so there will be reading.  Oh yes, there will be reading.


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