Patchy Posting with a Chance of Content

Obviously, I got back from my vacation, safe and sound, with the exception of one skinned elbow for which there is no explanation.  However,  life hasn’t really slowed down in any discernible way, so although I’ll be posting as often as possible, it still won’t be a often as you’ve grown used to.  I’ll eventually get my act together and go back to posting consistently some day, but there’s really no good way for me to be able to tell you when.

Therefore, I leave you with pictures from Colorado.  First up, my favorite bookstore in the world.  It is everything a bookstore should be with one key advantage, it’s beyond adorable.

Macdonald’s Bookshop

What could make it more perfect?  Only going through the back door to find my favorite paper store/cafe.

Longs Peak Coffee and Paper

All of those teabags were framing a typewriter.  It felt like my imagination had come to life, except there wasn’t a tiny mischievious dwarf poking his head from around the typewriter or a fairy swinging from the teabags.


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