This is why I love libraries…

I’ve had a cold for the last few days, which inevitably turns into a reading marathon if I’m not feeling too bad or a TV marathon if I am.  Today, is the reading day of the cold, but it isn’t so bad because I made it to the library and came back with the books above.  It is so incredible that I can click on a button on my phone of computer and then walk into stacks of books set aside with my name on them.  They even recycle the sticker that has my name on it!

My local library converted over to an RFID system a few days ago and I have to say: it’s frakking awesome.  It used to be that I’d have a stack of books and all, but one or two would scan in at the self check out.  The librarians were always happy to check out those last one or two books, but it was slightly irritating nonetheless.  With the new system, literally every book registered resulting in a trip to the library that was not only pleasant, but actually made me feel better.  I left with a pervasive sense of happiness and buoyancy. That is the magic of libraries.  They even make colds less crappy.

Thank you, Johnson County Library, you made my day.


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