Cover Art

I’ve noticed a truly delightful trend lately in cover art… mainly that it’s been stunningly evocative.  I can’t lie, I’m such a sucker for good cover art.  I can’t even tell you how many books I own that I picked up because of the cover art, which is why I’m so excited about this little trend.  It’s not that cover art in the past has sucked.  For proof of that just look at the stacks of books that litter my apartment.  (I’m not a hoarder.  They are perfectly ordered and there’s plenty of room to vacuum…really.)  This thing is, there’s been such a concentration of amazing cover art and we’re only a little under a month and a half into the year.

I don’t normally talk about cover art in my reviews, but the ones I’m going to highlight below just blew me away.

First off… Cinder.

Image via Goodreads

Seriously, how could you not love that.  You not only get that it’s a modern play on Cinderella with the blood red glass heel, but the cyborg parts showing through her leg are my new definition of perfection.  The detail that went in to such a seemingly simple cover is kind of mind blowing.  I mean, they included the creases on the back of the ankle as well as the pistons in her foot, people!  I love it!

Second… Shattered Souls.

Image via Goodreads

I have to tell you, the dress of petals extends all the way across the back cover too.  I didn’t notice until I set it down to run and do something really fast and came to a dead stop.  For the content in the book, the way the cover looks like she’s disintegrating is just perfection.  I don’t know how you could not open this book.

Third… Tempest

Image via Goodreads

It made the actual text that much more tense because every time you shut the book, you’re just reminded that all Jackson’s trying to do is get back to Holly and it seemed as if the Universe was conspiring against him, even the cover.  I can’t imagine the photoshoot that would have been necessary to get this cover, but I can say, I don’t envy the models.  However, my absolute favorite thing, is that even though Jackson’s facing out of the cover, they left his face in shadow.  It kills me when there’s a face on the cover that isn’t congruous with what I have in my head and I love that the cover artist acknowledged this.

Fourth… The Little Russian

Image via Goodreads

How fantastically evocative of the cold, barren world through which Berta has to slog.  The lone bird flying from the tree only adds to the stark landscape.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  It somehow communicates Time so that there’s no question when you lift that front cover that you are going to be reading a historic tale of survival.  Once again, pitch freaking perfect.


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