Stephen Colbert Interview Neil DeGrasse Tyson

While I was giving my brain a little reprieve tonight (for proof that I needed it, see previous post), I watched the video below.  I’ve never embedded a video before, so I’m really hoping that worked.  Here’s the thing, I don’t often talk about science on here, but pretty much all of my training is science related, primarily microbiology and genetics.  (Try to contain the surprise.  I know it can be hard to believe.)

There are four people who have not only always inspired me to pursue science as a means of interpreting the world, but have gone further in inspiring me to try to be a better person, to endeavor to make bring about some positive change in the world.  The first two are my parents.  They’ve both wholeheartedly encouraged me to follow science at every turn and I’m grateful for that.  The other two are Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  These two men are not just brilliant, they are charisma wrapped in passion wrapped in eloquence.  There’s a reason I listen to Symphony of Science when I’m stressed out and that’s because these men telling me that I’m made of star stuff is oddly comforting to me.

Anyway, very long introduction aside, I wanted to give you guys this video.  It’s Stephen Colbert out of character, though still pretty freaking hilarious (I don’t know anyone else who can pull off a planetary fart joke) interviewing the ever brilliant Neil DeGrasse Tyson for a school.  (I don’t know where this school is, but I’m supremely jealous of it’s students.  I went to K-State.  We got George W Bush and Rumsfield.  Somewhat less that shockingly, I could never bring myself to go.)

The video is originally from the Hayden Planetarium (link here), which I can’t believe I didn’t go to when I was in New York last September. Next time.

*crosses fingers that the embed worked* *grins as she turns on the rest of the interview*


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