The Warlock

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The Warlock (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)
Book 5
Michael Scott

Holy crap!  Pretty much everything that happens in this book I didn’t see coming.  Yeah, there were hints along the way, but if this were a train heading from LA to New York, it somehow wound up in Canada.  This is going to be a short review because there’s almost nothing I can saw without spoilering the hell out of it and nobody wants that.

The Plot: (Do not read this if you haven’t read Books 1-4… really.)

We left the story with the twins separated a little more irrevocably than at any other time in Book 4.  Sophie is trying to process the fact that Josh chose to leave with Dee and Dare, while Josh is trying to understand why Sophie attacked the Archon Coatlique, who he was bewitched to see as a beautiful young woman.  The two factions (Dee, Dare, and Josh versus the Flamels and Sophie) clash throughout the book in a tale of suspense, horror, and love.

I read this book pretty quickly because it feels as if everything is drawing to a head the entire time. Scott maintains the cloak and dagger good versus evil theme throughout this book.  I feel like I have a pretty good idea of who the good guys are, but it’s sometimes a little tenuous.

The story is face paced and Scott continues to give us more and more insight into the Elders and the Next Generation.  It’s the insight that I find to be my favorite part of the story.  The snatches of images we get through Sophie are always entrancing.  They are vivid and bright and they allow me to completely nerd out every once in a while.  This universe fascinates me and the insights allow me a more in depth view of it.

The story, once again, is entirely enjoyable and thoroughly bewitching.  4 ink bottles.

Book Links:  Goodreads Page, Publisher’s Page


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