Goodreads Recommendations

It’s a perfect rainy Sunday here and that always puts me in the mood for a good book, a cup of coffee, and my favorite overstuffed armchair.  Luckily, Goodreads has my back today.

You all already know how much I love Goodreads, in no small part because they let me keep track of what I’ve already read and how much I liked it.  But they’ve introduced a new feature and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  They now have recommendations!  No more of the frequently bizarre recommendations on Amazon.  Like they say in their article, “It’s the Netflix of book recommendations.”

I’ve already looked through my recommendations and found no fewer than 7 books that I want to read and that was just on the front page.  I’ve tried out a few other services for book recommendations, but they’ve all fallen through for me.  I have high hopes for Goodreads and I don’t really think they’re going to let me down.

Go there now.  Find books to read.  Enjoy your story.


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